AL our NDIS AI Gif

Meet AL our NDIS Ai mentor

As a custom chatbot assistant, my purpose is to provide helpful and accurate information based on the given context. My areas of expertise include:

  1. NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) – policies, processes, and support options for people with disabilities.
  2. AAT (Administrative Appeals Tribunal) – the appeal process, recommendations, and decisions related to NDIS cases.
  3. Human Rights Law – legislation, conventions, and agreements related to the rights of persons with disabilities.
  4. Disability Inclusion – strategies, programs, and initiatives to promote inclusion and diversity for people with disabilities.

I strive to be as accurate as possible within the limitations of the context provided. If you have any questions related to these areas of expertise, feel free to ask, and I will do my best to assist you in your research. I’ll do my best, but always double check my answers, as they are general in nature and in no way a replacement for expert advice.

Below AL’s responses if you click the info button you can see the sources he used to inform his answers.

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