Positive Behaviour Support in Wollongong and Illawarra

Ability Links is home to highly qualified support workers who understand the complex dynamics of human behaviour, especially for individuals with impairments. Thus, our health positive behaviour support practitioners would support individuals with mobility restrictions to live to their fullest potential and let them enjoy their everyday lives with as much autonomy as possible. 

Our professionals offering positive behaviour support in Illawarra and Wollongong are driven by the belief that every individual, regardless of the impairment, has  the right to live the life of their choice, communicate their needs, take part in meaningful and constructive activities, and have full control of their life. Thus, they would come up with tailored support plans that would help them live their lives with dignity and independence from any needless restrictions whatsoever.

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How Do We Conduct Positive Behaviour Support in Wollongong and Illawarra?

People living with impairments may at times respond to their environment or communicate their necessities by using challenging behaviours. These behavioural patterns may at times lead to disturbances in relationships, and the use of certain reactive practices by others in an attempt to reduce the challenging behaviour. However, that may not work at times. This is where our experts offering positive behaviour support in Illawarra will make a difference.

Our support workers think differently about behaviour and would provide individualised support to individuals who show challenging behaviours. We would do so based on our assessment of the

Our behaviour support plans outline the steps or actions that are to be administered following the assessment. The plan includes assistance with the development of the skills that the patient needs to master to eliminate the problematic behaviours.

Besides, our experts offering positive behaviour support in Wollongong would administer a bespoke support plan depending on the individual’s requirements. They would also provide briefing sessions to the primary carers of the individuals with impairments. This is to ensure that the behavioural support plan can be implemented comprehensively and that the family and the immediate carers of the recipients of the support can play an active role in that plan along with experts. 

What Does Our Positive Behaviour Support Plan Include?

Our customised positive behaviour support plan would include:

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Call us at 0413 077 291 to schedule a meeting with our experts, or write us an email at info@abilitylinks.online to learn more about us and our service.

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