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We fight for Your Goals

Hey! I’m Mark the founder of Ability Links.

As an NDIS participant myself, and as a disability advocate, I know the struggle there can be to find people that understand the barriers that face the disability community.

Ability Links is a boutique Disability Service provider that helps people with disabilities to navigate the NDIS, get the right funding and get a plan working for you.

I have 12 years of experience in Community Services and have a passion for equity. I’m a massive NDIS nerd. I love to go in-depth into all the finer details of the scheme and use my lived experience navigating the scheme and my passion for technology and systems to create out of the box solutions for unique situations.


People with disabilities and their carers understand the barriers our community faces and are uniquely placed to best support others with disabilities to find their voice. Because of this, I have grown a team of experienced disability champions hired from within the disability community to be in the corner of the people we support.


We help people to learn how to make the most out of their NDIS plan and navigate Government services

Finding the right NDIS providers can be a daunting progress; our job is to make it simpler.



Our team of Support Coordinators and Recovery Coaches research and help NDIS participants and their families to find the right support based on their circumstances.


We research providers and support NDIS participants and their families in the decision making process.


As a Disabled Person’s Organisation and a Social Enterprise, many of our team have lived experience with a disability.


We understand the barriers our people face and champion the needs of the Disability Community.


NDIS Plan reviews do not need to be stressful; it is a great time to explore new options and think of creative new things to try.


The NDIS funds reasonable, necessary and value for money support to help people with a disability to live full and meaningful lives. We pride ourselves in pushing the envelope and looking for new ways for people to achieve their goals in the way that they choose. 


The help we offer extends beyond the NDIS, assisting people in navigating a range of services affecting their life including but not limited to Centrelink, help finding a house, help to find a job, learning new skills to make life easier or even helping people with a disability to start their own small business.


We are Linkers; we de-stress the NDIS by acting as a go-between.


We listen to their hold music, so you don’t have to…

Our services are independent. We are motivated to get the best results for participants and their families.

We pride ourselves on keeping up to date with new technology, the NDIS, supports and services to allow us to give great advice.

Linking people to the right supports, services and options is what we do.

The way we work is fast and flexible, we cater to a broad spectrum of individualised needs.

Ability Links

Is run by, hires and respects people with a disability and their carers.

"Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to empower people with disabilities".

Ability Links was formed in early 2020 when our founder Mark Pietsch learned that the NSW state government program would cease. Since then our focus has been to carry the legacy supporting people with disabilities to live their best lives. 

Why choose us?

We Promise You

The team at Ability Links get it. We have experienced the limitations that disabilities can create and are driven to support others on their journey to find what works for them when working to reduce the effect of a disability on your life.



“We believe in equity and will always work to actively to address barriers and advance inclusion for people that experience disabilities”

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