About us and Our Services

About Us

Hi there!

I’m Mark. I started Ability Links with the vision to have a positive impact on the disability community through a network of Support Services throughout the Illawarra and Shoalhaven regions.


As an NDIS participant myself, and as a disability advocate I know the struggle there can be to find people that understand the barriers that face the disability community.


I have 12 years experience in Community Services and has a passion for equity. I’m a massive NDIS nerd. I love to go in depth into all the finer details of the scheme and use my lived experience navigating the scheme and my passion for technology and systems to create out of the box solutions for unique situations.


People with disabilities and their carers understand the barriers our community faces and are uniquely placed to best support others with disabilities to find their voice. Because of this I have grown a team of experienced disability champions hired from within the disability community to be in the corner of the people we support.

"Everyone deserves a better tomorrow."

Our mission is to highlight the abilities of all people and to actively work to reduce barriers faced by the disability community through education, support and connection to resources to assist bridging the equity gap. We work with NDIS Participants with a focus on building social capital, opportunities and self-management skills. We assist participants and nominees to be in control and informed when navigating NDIS and mainstream supports. We acknowledge individuality and promote creative out of the box thinking by coaching participants on ways of implementing their plan In line with their goals and reasonable and necessary guidelines. We are person-centric impartial and independent service connecting participants with high quality support and service, while avoiding any conflicts of interest.

Mark Pietsch


Why choose us?

We Promise You

“We believe in equity and will always work to actively to address barriers and advance inclusion for people that experience disabilities”

The team at Ability Links get it. We have experienced the limitations that disabilities can create and are driven to support others on their journey to find what works for them when working to reduce the effect of a disability on your life.



  • We think outside the box and find ways to make the most of the funding you have and help you to get the funding you need.


  • You can expect our team to be friendly and responsive. We answer our phones and emails fast!


  • As people that know the impact a disability can have, we are passionate about what the NDIS can achieve when funding and services are used well.


  • Our team are NDIS Nerds, we love keeping up to date on new changes and best practices to help our participants get great results. 

Know someone that needs help?

We look forward to joining their journey.

Our Services

Depending on circumstances and availability we offer the following services.

This is support may be able to be included in a participants NDIS plan.

Self Management Skills Building

Delivered by a Coordination Assistant

We help participants to build skills to navigate their day to day. This may include helping to process NDIS claims, filling in forms or building skills that can help build independence at home and in the community

Recovery Coaching

Delivered by a Lived Experience Recovery Coach

Designed as a peer role recovery coaches focus on working alongside participants with psychosocial disabilities to help to build routines, organise support and undertake programs that promote improved mental health.

Support Coordination

Delivered by a Support Coordinator

Our Support Coordinators
provide information on mainstream, community, informal and NDIS support options. We assist with preparing for plan reviews and budgeting support. We always aim to help participants to coordinate their own supports as much as possible, self-direct and have full choice over who works with them.

Our Experts

We aim to be constantly growing our family of experts. If you feel you have the skill, experience and passion to join our team please get in touch! Does this sound like you?

Discretion, Privacy and Confidentiality

We understand that everyone deserves privacy. All Ability Links staff, volunteers and contractors are committed to our privacy policy. We aim to be discrete and can modify our services to operate in a way that respects your wishes. This can be done via a reasonable adjustments request.  This could be as simple as not wearing badges or clothing that identifies us as being disability support providers. We will always  respect your dignity and right to decide who and when your information is shared within the limitations outlined in our confidentiality policy. Our confidentiality policy can be viewed here

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